For Francis Ford Coppola, Dune and Dying can wait are partly interchangeable

“Before, there were studio films. Now there are Marvel films”

After Martin Scorsese, it’s Francis Ford Coppola’s turn to hit on the modern blockbuster, taking Marvel films as an example… but not only. In an interview with QGthe director of Godfather makes this observation: Before, there were studio films. Now there are Marvel movies. And what is a Marvel movie? A Marvel movie is a prototype movie that’s remade over and over and over and over again to look different. For example Dunes by Denis Villeneuve and Dying can wait directed by Cary Fukunaga – really great and gifted artists – well you could pull the same footage from both projects and put them together. The same sequence where the cars collide. These movies all have those kinds of scenes and it’s like they almost have to have them to justify their budgets. And here I am only talking about good films and talented directors. »

Few cars collide in Dunes, but Francis Ford Coppola certainly evokes the most pyrotechnic passages of these blockbusters. And therefore explains in hollow that these types of films become interchangeable, at least in part. Returning also to the fact that he has been away from cinema for a long time (even if he still has to realize his dream project, Megalopolis), he assures not “ left the film industry. It’s the movie industry that left me. »

The Godfather will be released in cinemas in a restored 4K version on February 23. Trailer :

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