For Halloween, spend the night in Scream’s house

David Arquette (Dewey) will even be there to welcome you.

Before the release of the new Scream, in 2022, Paramount is teaming up with Airbnb and Spyglass Media to offer fans of the horrific saga an extraordinary experience: spending the night in the house of Stu (Matthew Lilliard in the first film), which serves as the backdrop to several cult scenes from the franchise. The three companies are organizing an online draw to select a dozen people who will be able to sleep in this Californian house, in groups of four, the event being planned for three evenings around Halloween: next October 27, 29 and 31. .

Scream 5 will simply be called Scream

Details shared by Bloody Disgusting promise a real immersion in the universe of Scream and the 1990s, the article specifying, for example, that the landline telephone which is of paramount importance in the opening of the first film will be there, and that the organizers have planned all kinds of delicacies of the time to nibble while participating has a “Scream marathon” : 90’s snacks, pizzas with Jiffy Pops and the Reddi-whips we see in the movies. And the four feature films released between 1996 and 2011 will obviously be offered on VHS. It is also specified that the winners will be “virtually welcomed” by Dewey, the policeman played by David Arquette, and mentions several times Ghostface, the inevitable masked killer who left some traces in the house.

To register, it’s here. Participation is $ 5, which will be donated to the charity The Trevor Project. Note that there is a good chance that part of these three evenings will be filmed to integrate the promotion or bonuses of the fifth film, because the production also plans, in the middle of this event, an online appointment (also paying) for all fans who would like to know more about the new Scream. On October 28, screenwriter Kevin Williamson will host an evening online “the secrets of Scream”.

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