For his return, Dexter is not spared by American criticism

Dexter New Blood

The serial killer has definitely lost his aura of yesteryear. “New Blood” had a hard time convincing the US press of the merits of this revival.

Michael C. Hall is as convincing as ever and the desire to offer some form of redemption to Dexter was commendable. Corn New Blood struggles to restore the lost luster of the series, after this controversial finale of 2013. We find the serial killer in his new peaceful and tidy life in upstate New York. But he will have to get his syringes out of the cupboard where he had buried his “Dark Passanger” …

Launched this Sunday across the Atlantic on the Showtime channel (and soon in France on Canal +), the revival of Dexter is not a great success, according to the US critic, who criticizes the new series, without taking gloves …

The site of Rolling Stone immediately speaks of a return “useless“. Critics say this new season may well be”competently told, it’s a bit boring (…) After, by definition, whatever conclusion showrunner Clyde Phillips wrote for this miniseries, it’s bound to be much better than the lumberjack. Dexter. But erasing the lowest bar, is that enough to justify the return of the man and all his old rituals? “

Detailing what is wrong IndieWire explain that “The secondary characters are too finely sketched. The nods to local customs and indigenous peoples seem superficial. The show’s contempt for journalists is still very much present. New Blood goes out of her way to become another Dead Girl Show, introducing a mysterious subplot about a local kidnapper who enjoys killing rebellious women. Almost all the warning signs are on! (…) We want to have faith in Dexter, but isn’t it that same misplaced faith that drove so many people to watch the first series until the end? Do the public really need to reinvest in this character, after a decade of necessary distancing? “

Michael C Hall is not in question. For The Wrap, It is “always so fascinating to watch“. Except that Dexter is no longer truly unique. “He returns after a slew of other more spiritual and adored serial killers (…) New Blood is a victim of its own legacy, beaten at its own game many times in the 15 years since its launch. At the time, we hadn’t even met Walter White from Breaking Bad yet, and Dexter gave the impression of being subversive. But in recent years we’ve had some really brilliant variations in the genre, like the women of Dead to Me or the Joe Goldberg of YOU, which outshines Dexter in the witty voiceover department. “

Same observation for The Hollywood Reporter, who admits his disappointment: “The circumstances that bring Dexter Morgan back to his bloodthirsty ways aren’t particularly convincing. This revival actually works mostly on a sense of relief: from where we left it, Dexter actually looks more solid. But remains to be seen if New Blood will take us to a better ending or another hurricane of disappointment. “

Going further in this idea, Variety estimate that New Bloodfails to overcome the disappointment of the original series’ ending (…) Apart from some exterior elements, it doesn’t do much to redefine anything about Dexter (…) Maybe this will be the redemptive season the show needed, but that won’t change the long messy road it took to get here. “

Less scathing, Vulture thanks the historic showrunner for taking over the series: “At the very least, we still have to thank Clyde Phillips, his collaborators and the cast for accomplishing something that seemed impossible: almost a decade after that notoriously horrific finale, Dexter Morgan is intriguing again. “

In short, American critics have not been really enthusiastic about New Blood, but compared to season 8 … “It’s not that bad. But is it really necessary?”, recaps the very popular EW magazine, after watching the first four episodes. “Dexter is back with a limited series that nobody asked for … But hey, at least it’s not awful. ” Without any enthusiasm, the critics concede that New Blood is “a solid effort of creative redemption (…) It’s quite fun to review Dexter, with his charm and serial killer jokes. In the nostalgic throwback genre, this one might not be perfect, but at least it didn’t die right away.. “

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