For Mike Myers, Shrek is a dramatic role

The actor, who does the original voice of the green ogre, says he is ready for a fifth installment.

During a interview for QG where he evokes his most emblematic characters, the Canadian actor Mike Myers back to the awesome Shrek. Released in 2001, the first installment of the DreamWorks franchise was a great success. Oscar for best animated film, the feature film had recorded 487 million dollars in worldwide revenue. Three parts had followed: the second had brought in 928 million, the third 813 and the last, Shrek 4: Once Upon an End752 million.

But what made this big green man so popular? For his original voice, no doubt: “ The form that the European fairy tale takes is still very classic. […] I love the idea of ​​taking this principle and turning it upside down. All the traditional baddies become the good guys, and all the traditional good guys become the bad guys. And then I realized it was a dramatic role. I mean there really is an emotional heart: the fact that he goes from a lonely ogre who hates himself to an ogre who accepts himself, that is something very significant for me. I loved playing Shrek. If I could do one a year, I would be delighted.

Shrek and Puss in Boots will be well rebooted by the producer of Despicable Me

Acquired by a subsidiary of Universal in 2016, DreamWorks Animation studios should return soon with a new Shrekas announced Chris Meledandri in 2018. For the producer of Me, Despicable Me, which should direct the fifth installment, the success of the franchise lies in particular on the voice cast. Indeed, in the original version, we find alongside Meyers, Eddie Murphy for the donkey, Cameron Diaz for Fiona and Antonio Banderas for Puss in Boots. He explains : “ When you think back to these vocal performances, they are truly impressive! And even if we could defend a complete reinvention, I still remain nostalgic for certain performances. The challenge is to find how to make the film not just a sequel to a saga “. For the French dubbing, the cast is carried by Alain Chabat for the main character and Med Hondo (who also dubbed Rafiki in The Lion King and died in 2019) for his faithful steed.

Alain Chabat: “Shrek is a very, very sensitive ogre”

Beyond ShrekPuss in Boots also had its moment of glory: a first spin-off film was dedicated to him in 2011 and a second, Puss in Boots 2: The Last Questwill be released in French theaters on December 7 of this year.

To wait, the trailer right here:

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