For Pedro Almodovar, Will Smith gave a speech as a cult leader

The Spanish director recounted his Oscars weekend in a logbook style.

come to defend Madres Paralelaswhich was nominated for the Oscar for best foreign language film, Pedro Almodóvar left empty-handed. But, obviously, he enjoyed his stay, multiplying the photos and selfies with Guillermo del Toro, Bradley Cooper, Paul Thomas Anderson, Denis Villeneuve, Al Pacino and even Zendaya. With a black point, of course: the infamous slap of Will Smith.

In his story, the filmmaker therefore explains that he had come to support Penélope Cruz, who was nominated in the best actress category, but also to meet actors he covets for his next film, whose lead role will be played by Cate Blanchett and which is adapted from the books by Lucia Berlin, Handbook for housekeepers. “It’s an open secret, but I can’t talk about it, by order of my production company, El Deseo. We shouldn’t talk about things until they’re signed“. Is Anya Taylor-Joy one of them?

Almodovar thus continues his logbook, recounting his stay in Los Angeles in detail, between comments on the mysteries of the race for the Oscars, a visit to the Academy Museum (where a room was devoted to his films), and meetings with “fans”, such as director Joachim Trier (Julie in 12 chapters). “I never tire of being told: ‘I grew up with your films'”.

The director of Volover also met Paul Thomas Anderson, with whom he had spent a memorable evening in Cannes in 2002, and met the two actors of Licorice PizzaAlana Haim and Cooper Hoffman: “I fell in love with them, like the camera that follows them in the film“. He also goes behind the scenes of his shot with Zendaya, which has been circulating on the internet. “I behaved like a fan. I asked her if we could take a picture and I was surprised how tall she was“.

He then recounts his reunion with Robert de Niro (they had received the Legion of Honor together at Cannes in 1992), is amused by Javier Bardem’s groupie behavior with Al Pacino, describes his emotion at the tribute to the Godfather and the reunion of the trio of pulp Fiction (Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta), until the post-ceremony party where he continues to scrutinize the actresses he covets. The evening was too long, but Pedro would never refuse an Oscar invitation: “It’s my weakness“.

In conclusion, Almodovar finally resolves to comment on the Will Smith affair, reluctantly, because he blames his bloodshed for having eclipsed the rest:

I was barely four meters away when it happened. On the photos taken in water, it’s me the little white head you see.

I refuse to let this episode take the place in a ceremony where many other much more important things took place. For example, Drive my Car, by far my favorite film of the year, won best foreign film. And also Summer of Soul, my favorite documentary.

What I saw generated in me a feeling of absolute rejection. During the episode, but also afterwards, during the acceptance speech which made me think of that of a cult leader. You don’t defend or protect your family with your fists, and no, the devil doesn’t take advantage of key moments to do his job.

In reality, the devil does not exist. It was a fundamentalist discourse that we should neither listen to nor see. Some say it was the only true moment of the ceremony, but they talk about the faceless monster that is social media. For them, hungry for carrion, it was undoubtedly the biggest event of the evening.

I recount those moments before the car came to pick us up to return to Madrid. Bye. By the way, go back to the cinema!

You can read the full logbook at Indiewire’s website (in English) and by El Diaro (in Spanish).

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