For Sama is a unique film [critique]

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For Sama

To see on Arte in the second part of the evening, or on the chain’s website.

Waad al-Kateab is a young Syrian woman who lived in Aleppo when the war broke out in 2011. Under the bombings, life goes on. On a daily basis, she films the losses, the hopes and the solidarity of the people of Aleppo. Waad and her doctor husband are torn between leaving and protecting their daughter Sama or resisting for the freedom of their country.

Arte will broadcast For Sama, tonight, a film that had captivated First on its release, in 2019. While waiting to see it, this evening at 22:25 (or already on Arte.TV), here is the review of First :
It is one of those subjects which regularly make the headlines of the media but which the long time of cinema allows to deepen. A few months after the remarkable Still Recording, For Sama also plunges us into the Syrian civil war. And here, ” inside ” are not empty words. Since its co-director Waad al-Kateab filmed his life as a resistance to the regime of Bashar al-Assad but also as a woman in love and a young mother throughout the siege of Aleppo, the bloodiest battle of this endless conflict. His images first fed the site of a British news channel. But once she had to flee this country that had become unlivable for her and her family, she decided to use the hundreds of hours of unpublished rushes to build a documentary in the company of Edward Watts, journalist specializing in the issue, but who has never set foot in Syria. This duo symbolizes this film and its power. For Sama advance all at the same time the nose in the handlebars but with the hindsight which never leaves the layman at his door. It shows the facts of the atrocious war (the images of the bombing of the hospital run by Waad al-Kateab’s husband and his trapped victims, taken by surveillance cameras), but also the joy of being a mother, the love that unites this couple. For Sama is a unique film because it could not have been made as is by any other. Intimate without being voyeuristic, subjective without being a propagandist, educational without being simplifying, he was awarded the Golden Eye, celebrating the best documentary of Cannes 2019. This jury had the eye and the good!

The trailer for For Sama :

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