For Tom Hanks, The Da Vinci Code Movies Are “Bullshit”

“It’s as historically believable as what the James Bonds of the spy world show.”

Coming soon toElvis, Tom Hanks answered some questions from New York Timesand he was not kind to the trilogy Da Vinci Code. He played Robert Langdon in the adaptations of Dan Brown’s novels directed by Ron Howard and released between 2006 and 2016, and here is what he says about it today: “My god, how commercial it was. Yeah, those sequels with Robert Langdon (Angels & Demons and Infernoseditor’s note) were rubbish. Da Vinci Code too. I mean, Dan Brown – God bless him – writes in his books: ‘There is a sculpture in Paris. No, not at this place. See how this card forms a cross? Finally, a kind of cross?’ These treasure hunters, it’s as historically believable as the James Bond shows of the spy world… All we did was diversion.”

Da Vinci Code/Angels & Demons/Inferno: The Disappointing Trilogy by Ron Howard and Tom Hanks

“There is no harm in doing good business, he continues during the interview. But when we made the third movie, we proved that business was wrong.” The trilogy still grossed nearly $1.5 billion at the global box office, but each installment made less money than the previous one. Hanks and Howard ended up dropping the saga, which now continues on television, with the series The Lost Symbol worn by Ashley Zuckerman. Who also receives bad reviews…

“I can tell you something else about Da Vinci Code ?, Hanks concludes. I celebrated one of my birthdays on set, in my 40s. We were filming at the Louvre that night. I changed my pants in front of Mona Lisa! They brought me a cake in the big living room! Who can have such experiences? Is there cynicism there? Oh no !”

The Da Vinci Code series unveils its trailer with a young Robert Langdon

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