Four boys with a future: 25 years later the sequel is written

Generational comedy if there is one, the good big student delirium of 1997 could well return to the cinema soon.

Gavaaaaaaaaage! What happened to Arnaud, Axel, Johan and Breitling? The Four Boys with a Future will perhaps show us how they grew up in a sequel, which should logically take place 25 years after that crazy night, since the comedy directed by Jean-Paul Lilienfeld dates from 1997.

In any case, the filmmaker confides to Allociné be in the process of preparing the second opus. He is currently writing this sequel about which we do not know much. The site specifies for its part that the quartet will reform. Which means that Olivier Brocheriou, Stéphan Guérin-Tillié, Olivier Sitruk and Eric Berger would all be up for it to resume the delirium.

Remember that if the zany and memorable trip of Four Boys with a Future did not really blow up the scores at the Box Office, with only 600,000 admissions, the film became a cult 1990’s comedy, seen and reviewed by an entire generation on TV and VHS.

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