Four things you (perhaps) didn’t know about Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn in Diamonds on the Couch
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The star of Diamonds on Sofa and Charade is the subject of a special evening on Arte.

Art loves Audrey Hepburn. Once is not custom, the chain invites you to spend the evening in the company of the actress who died in 1993, by rebroadcasting first of all Charadehis incredible duet with Cary Grant, then offering the documentary Audrey Hepburn, the choice of elegancealready visible on channel’s website. While waiting for this beautiful movie night, here are some anecdotes about the life and career of the actress.

Charade is a bubbly and stylish film noir parody [critique]

1) She owes her career to Colette

While the famous writer is looking for a perfect interpreter for her gigi which is going to be given on the stage of Broadway, in New York, she pushes by chance the door of a hotel in Monte-Carlo where the filming of We will go to Monte Carlo by Jean Boyer. There in a small role, she immediately notices a slim young figure. “I was very impressed,” recalls Audrey Hepburn when he is asked to talk about his first meeting with the French novelist who, immobilized by arthritis, only moves around in a wheelchair. Colette will impose Audrey Hepburn in the role of Gigi. A photo immortalizes them, the young girl leaning on the shoulder of the old lady.

2) She becomes noble for her father

From her father, Audrey Hepburn did not receive much. The father having left the marital home very early, in 1935, leaving his wife alone. But the man who nicknamed her “Monkey Puzzle” for her agility is convinced to be the descendant of an English count, James Hepburn, third husband of Marie Stuart. Thus Audrey Ruston, choosing as a pseudonym the surname that her father believed he should inherit to fill this failing father. Like a call to bring him back?

3) She lived very close to Anne Frank

Audrey and her mother are in Amsterdam when the war breaks out. When German troops invade the Netherlands, they can no longer leave. For fear that her British nationality will be discovered, Audrey is hidden under her mother’s maiden name, van Heemstra. This does not prevent him from regularly performing acts of resistance to support the allies. She crosses the city with oversized shoes where she hides messages. She gives dance recitals to raise money for the Resistance. Rounded up in 1944, she managed to escape. When she discovers at the end of the war the story of Anne Frank, a young girl whose age is close to hers, written a few meters from where she had taken refuge, she is upset. Especially since one of the last entries of the Diary of Anne Frank refers to the assassination of resistance fighters. Among them was Audrey Hepburn’s uncle. Years later, she will refuse to interpret the young girl who died in Bergen-Belsen in the cinema, then in the theater. Because the story touched her too much…

4) Truman Capote didn’t want her

For Diamonds on couch, broadcast this evening, Truman Capote dreams of seeing his great friend, Marilyn Monroe, entrust the role of the lost call girl. He knows that she will like nobody else embody the crack in the young woman who gives her body to men… The studio is not for it and someone has the idea of ​​pushing the candidacy of Audrey Hepburn. Distinguished, charming, more inclined towards romantic comedies… At first glance, she is not the role at all. No one will ever believe that she asks for money in exchange for favors. Luckily, Marilyn refuses Holly Golightly. She played too much the women who run after a rich husband, the poor broken girls. In her black sheath signed Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn will give this character a naivety and a grace that will go down in legend.

5 things to know about Charade

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