Francis Ford Coppola received his star on Hollywood Boulevard

  Francis Ford Coppola received his star on Hollywood Boulevard

Elle Fanning, whom he had directed in Twixt, paid tribute to him.

Whereas 50 years of the Godfather are celebrated in Hollywood (the film will even be honored at the Oscars this weekend), its director Francis Ford Coppola received his star on Hollywood Boulevard on Monday. Surrounded by his family, the 82-year-old filmmaker also had the right to a moving tribute fromElle Fanningthe young actress to whom he had offered the main role of Twixtin 2012.

Wearing a badge “I Love Coppola”the 23-year-old actress explained that she felt privileged on the set, which took place on the director’s own property: “We filmed in his vineyards, in Napa Valley. We used cameras and costumes that he kept at his house, and I slept there, very close to his people. Every evening, we ate together with Francis and his wife Ellie . That’s when I figured out his recipe. The ingredients include a handful of deep voice, an overflowing cup of passion, and an even greater amount of a not-so-secret ingredient: family.” Remained close to the director since this shoot, the actress explains that they regularly exchange emails: “Each time, you end your messages with ‘With love, Uncle Francis.’ I love you so much, Uncle Francis. No one deserves this honor more than you. Besides, if it were up to me, you’d have all the stars on the boulevard!”

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The director ofApocalypse Now (1979), Underdogs (1983) and Dracula (1992) recently confirmed that he intended to direct the movie of his dreams soon, even if it means investing your own money to make sure you can do it. Megalopolis will take place in a futuristic New York inspired by ancient Rome, and Francis Ford Coppola wants to bring together a 5-star cast for this project he has had in mind for several decades: Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Forest Whitaker, Cate Blanchett, Jon Voight, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jessica Lange, James Caan…

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