Francis Lawrence: “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is by far the most complicated film of my career”

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The Hunger Games 3

The director had a lot of work on La Révolte – Part 1.

TMC continues its cycle Hunger Games, this evening, by proposing the third episodestill worn by Jennifer Lawrence and directed as Ignition by Francis Lawrence (no link), Gary Ross having left the saga after the staging of the first part (he explains why here). First had been able to ask a few questions to the duo a little before the release of the film, in 2014. To wait until its rebroadcast, we reshare their interviews here. Good reading !

Jennifer Lawrence: “Katniss is going to blow up everything in La Révolte”

First : I first want to tell you that I love Constantine. I find the film quite underrated.
Francis Lawrence:
You’re not the only one. When I did the red carpetsThe Hunger Games 2I’ve signed more Constantine DVDs than anything else.

What do you think of it today, nine years later?

I think the film is aging well. It was reimbursed, but it had been poorly received by critics when it was released. In reality, I would have loved to develop it into a TV series, but at the time, the project was already tied up, Keanu Reeves was hired, the studio wanted a PG-13 movie. We did everything to get the PG-13, and we still got an R. I would have liked to make an R-rated film from the start. It’s my only regret.

Speaking of series, you are not directing two films The Hunger Games but three considering that the last film is in two parts. Why ?

The decision to cut The Hunger Games 3 in two was taken before I was hired to shoot Ignition. But that excites me enough. With Ignitionwe adapted a 400-page book into two hours of film, so there was a lot of loss. The revolt, they are really two films, with two distinct stories. And that allows us to have on arrival a four-hour feature film from the last novel, so to process everything. We were even able to add scenes, especially with Donald Sutherland.

The novels are told from Katniss’ point of view…
And in the films, we allow ourselves to get out of our field of vision a little.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1: The Saga That Made Jennifer Lawrence A Superstar

Sell ​​us the movie a bit. What is better compared to Ignition ?

Already, there are no more games. It is now about full-scale revolution. Katniss becomes a symbol and understands her responsibility for the changes to come… The first two films had more or less the same structure, this is totally different.

Do you think the success of The Hunger Games is linked to their resonance with today’s revolts?

I am not going to analyze too much the political scope ofThe Hunger Games. But it’s true that films evoke the consequences of war and violence in our society, it’s about propaganda, celebrity, etc…

How does it feel to make a big blockbuster with a heroine?

The important thing is to have a good character, regardless of gender… But I think women are absolutely underemployed in Hollywood.

Why do you think Lionsgate chose you to direct The Hunger Games ?

The studio was in a complicated situation for Ignition. There was no script, no director, the release date was fixed and there was only a limited shooting slot since Jennifer Lawrence had to leave to shoot another film… They wanted a director who was as multitasking as possible: someone who knew how to work with the actors, who understood the special effects, and who could function under the pressure caused by deadlines. I had already done all that (laughs). Corn The revolt is by far the most complicated film of my career. The huge cast, the amount of visual effects, the weather issues…

And shoot in France as well.

It didn’t bother me that much. (laughs) The French team was great. We kept the cinematographer, those who take care of the camera, the assistant director… All the key positions are Americans. Everything else has become French.

And after The Hunger Gameswhat are you doing ?

I turn to my new hobby. Electronic music.

Sounds pretty easy, right? We press buttons and we raise our hands in rhythm…

Ah, my friend, if you only knew… I’m going to put you in front of a keyboard, you’ll be less clever.

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Trailer of Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 :

Hunger Games: “The next generation feels they have to fight for their survival”

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