François Cluzet gets angry with Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard: “They’re idiots!”

François Cluzet gets angry with Fabrice Luchini and Jean-Marie Bigard: "They are jerks!"

“They have an ego like a skyscraper.”

guest ofAs an aside to look back on his career on the occasion of the theatrical release of Squadthe new film by Louis-Julien Petit (The Invisibles), François Cluzet gave a rant against Fabrice Luchini and Jean Marie Bigard which has not gone unnoticed: the excerpt in question has been shared more than 1,000 times on Twitter since it was posted this morning.

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“They are jerks! gets carried away the actorUntouchables and small handkerchiefs about the two actors who recently publicly gave their opinion on the government or the vaccine pass. “They are jumping on the opportunity of the pandemic… But shut your mouth! I don’t regret it, I openly think so. They are megalos. (…) They have an ego like a skyscraper. They leave us alone! We’re in enough shit. Let them give us hope! We’re actors, we’re at the service of the public. We’re here to offer them something, we’re not here to show off.”

Then admitting to having “do a bit of his number”he adds about the “megalos” : “These people don’t give a good idea of ​​us performers. We’re not alone on stage. We’re partners. Neither of them is a partner. I know that, I’ve played with them! They don’t give anything. So if they don’t give anything to the partners, there’s nothing. result of the races, the public has nothing. (…) They give an image of this dreadful profession.

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