François Damiens, Jean-Luc Couchard and Mourade Zeguendi, from Dikkenek to Taxi 4

François Damiens, Jean-Luc Couchard and Mourade Zeguendi, from Dikkenek to Taxi 4

On the other hand, Marion Cotillard is absent from this opus.

When it was released in 2007, First was pleasantly surprised to find Cab 4, a funnier opus than the previous episodes, which will return at 9:05 p.m. on TF1. In particular thanks to the performance of Bernard Farcy, who is having more fun than ever in the skin of Commissioner Gibert, as his director pointed out, Gerard Krawczykwhen it was released on DVD.

How does Taxi 5 manage the legacy of the Taxi saga?

The editorial staff also highlighted a trio of Belgian actors that you know well if you have seen Dikkenek : Jean-Luc Couchard, François Damiens and Mourade Zeguendi. The interpreters of JC, Claudy and Aziz in the essential comedy by Olivier Van Hoofstadt (which was also produced by EuropaCorp) embody here the adversaries of Daniel (Samy Naceri) and Emilien (Frédéric Diefenthal), and they too manage to pull us a few laughs. On the other hand, Marion Cotillard, who had been revealed to the general public thanks to Taxiin 1998, does not return in this opus, when she was on the bill of Dikkenek in 2006, unforgettable as a teacher “addicted to the schnouf”. The actress has a good excuse, since she was filming at the same time The kid, the film that made her a star in Hollywood by offering her the Oscar for best actress. Ironically, the two feature films were also released on the same day in cinemas: February 14, 2007.

Here is our review: “THE surprise of French cinema at the start of the year. The fourth part of a saga, a crazy taxi in Marseille, incompetent cops and yet… it was not won but the result is there: rather funny. Far ahead its three predecessors, Taxi 4 stands out as the action comedy, a genre rather ignored in France, to be seen with family or friends.Despite a light scenario, the gags as well as the characters have been refined.Ten years after the first opus, Émilien and Daniel have become dads and the sons almost steal the show from them. Note also the participation of the Belgians François Damiens (OSS 117) and Jean-Luc Couchard, both seen in Dikkenek. A good surprise in the end.”

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