Frank Ocean is in discussions with A24 to direct his first feature film

  Frank Ocean is in discussions with A24 to direct his first feature film

The artist had already collaborated with Barry Jenkins on Moonlight and Waves by Trey Edward Schult, produced by the same studio.

Discussing Movie reveals that the hip-hop musician Frank Ocean will soon make his first film. If its title and its pitch are kept secret for the moment, this project should be shot before the end of the year, so that the artist can honor his commitments towards the Coachella festival 2023. Presented under the name of work Philly, this first film should be produced in collaboration with two independent film studios: A24 and 2AM. Ocean knows the first one well: his music was used with his agreement in several scenes of waves by Trey Edward Schult, a nice family drama released in 2020 at the cinema. Shortly after openly announcing his bisexuality, he was also moved by the film Moonlight, by Barry Jenkins, who won the Oscar in 2017, and it inspired him to write a poem, which was published as an introduction to his screenplay by the studio. 2AM has for its part produced only two works for the moment: the horror film onesies, onesies, onesies and Past Lives, a drama by Céline Song. Both will be distributed by A24.

Note that this feature film project will not quite mark the first realization of Frank Ocean, who had written and directed Endlessa 46-minute video accompanying a self-titled album, which premiered in 2016 on Apple Music.

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