Fratè told by Karole Rocher and Barbara Biancardini

Mother and daughter co-sign this comedy set in a Corsican village more than dear to their hearts with the duo Thomas Ngijol-Samir Guesmi as headliners. Meet

When the idea of Brotherhood ?

Carole Rocher: In the summer of 2019. The village of Vezzani is that of my grandparents. I grew up there and have been coming back since living on the mainland every summer with my family. The trigger for this film therefore came from a desire to film this place and its inhabitants, of which I am obviously very close. It immediately seemed obvious to me that this film had to be made with the family. And so I started to think about it with Thomas (Ngijol, who shares his life, Ed). I even shot a whole day on site on August 15, 2019 in order to have images to make investors understand what we wanted to do with this project.

Your daughter Barbara was part of this project at that time?

KR: Yes and no. Yes, because for a long time we have been used to discussing cinema and the conversation about this film therefore came naturally. But she was then too young for me to spontaneously think of her as a co-director. It’s time that finally worked in our favor… Because in 2019, we couldn’t find the funding and then the arrival of COVID ended up showering our hopes

And yet you will end up going to the end…

KR: Yes, because even more than by our disappointment at Thomas and I, I had been struck by that of the inhabitants of the village. This reaction lifted the little doubt I had deep inside me. Finally, the fear of exposing this village in spite of itself, of putting something too intimate in the spotlight and indirectly breaking this strong bond that united me to it, to them. Their feeling of disappointment in a way allowed me to make this film and even more encouraged me to go to the end. More than ever in this notion of family since my brother Patrick co-wrote it with Thomas and Bianca this time had the age but also the experience as a first assistant to jump into the water for the first. So we got started. Without much means, therefore, with the pact that we had to do everything in record time!

Brotherhood depicts Dumè who discovers himself a half-brother on the death of his father and will then do everything to disgust him with Corsica and keep the inheritance for himself alone. It was obvious from the start that you would approach this subject from the standpoint of comedy?

Barbara Biancardini: Yes, because our goal has always been to pay a joyful tribute to Corsica. To make people feel through this film how much this village of Vezzani represents a place of joy for us

KR: It’s true that I don’t spontaneously identify with comedy. I only confronted it with Thomas by staging his shows or by co-writing and co-directing black snake. The idea of ​​a leap towards an unknown territory therefore inevitably attracted me, but the real reason is basically quite different. We suffered so much during the COVID that I wanted to be light, to have fun. And as Barbara says, to make as many people as possible feel everything I have always felt when I arrive in this village.

How was the work divided between you two?

KR: In a very natural way and in any case we could not have done otherwise, due to the lack of means.

BB: We know each other so well that often we didn’t even need to talk to each other to get things done. Especially here where both of us know this village like the back of our hand and we were on the same wavelength from the start when it came to the film we wanted to make.

KR: And then we are perfectly complementary. Me, I bring my experience as an actress, she her experience as a first assistant on the sets. We weren’t stepping on each other’s toes

What effect does it have on Barbara to direct her mother since Karole, you have a small role in the film?

BB: Beyond the fact that she is my mother, I admire her as an actress. So obviously I will never forget that first scene where I had to direct it. These are necessarily the times when I gave the most of myself

KR: Of course, I don’t disconnect my brain at that time. And for the mother that I am, being directed – and so well – by her daughter, is a gift! But it’s a look I needed. Because spontaneously as an actress we totally neglect ourselves in these moments. We want it to go quickly, we don’t want to waste anyone’s time, we never ask for another shot for ourselves when, inevitably, we could do better. And luckily, Barbara was on the lookout

We were talking about family but in addition to Thomas and the inhabitants of the village, we find in the other main role of, Fratè, an “added piece”: Samir Guesmi. Why did you want to call on him?

KR: Beyond the magnificent actor that he is, Samir is a very long-time friend. But it was impossible for me to envisage this shoot, other than surrounded by people with whom I was not already linked. And it will seem totally Care Bears to you, but at all the technical positions, from photography to editing, I wanted people who were certainly gifted, but also… kind! I no longer want to work – even less in projects that I initiate – in an atmosphere of tension. And this warm state of mind also made it possible and fluid to work with the actors, which I wanted to use improvisation as much as possible. Without this pre-existing friendship, nothing would have seemed so natural on screen.

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