Freaks Out: an extract that sparks [exclu]

In Rome, in 1940, Hitler wishes to have superhuman creatures under his command… But the “fairground freaks” flee.

six years later We call him Jeeg Robot, Gabriele Mainetti returns with a new film between real and fantastic: Freaks Outwhich hits the big screen on March 30.

While the city is under Nazi occupation, a circus settles in Rome, with plans to flee to the United States. Leak organized by Israelthe “father” of this small family, who disappears, leaving Matilda, Cencio, Fulvio and mario left to themselves. Between humans and supernatural beings, they are coveted and hunted by Hitler, wishing to have superhuman creatures under his command. The “fair phenomena” will have to survive in a world at war, where they have neither their place nor their bearings.

In this extract, we find the four “Freaks” teasing each other in the middle of the Roman ruins, not knowing where to go. We discover the power of Matildarather electrifying, and its relationship with Cencio. Circus artists or superheroes, we find in the casting Claudio Santamaria (Already in We call him Jeeg Robot), Aurora Giovinazzo (Sorelle), Pietro Castellito (The Armadillo Prophecy) and Franz Rogowski (Great Freedom).

The excerpt below:

Freaks Out: fantastic trailer for the new Gabriele Mainetti

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