Freaks Out: fantastic trailer for the new Gabriele Mainetti

Circus “monsters” try to survive in Nazi-occupied Rome.

seven years later We call him Jeeg Robot, the Italian director Gabriele Mainetti comes again to prove to us that we can make cool and original superhero films in Europe. This time, he immerses us in the Italy of the 1940s. In Rome precisely (his birthplace), and under Nazi occupation. Freaks Out follows four freaks who work in a circus. Passing through the Eternal City, the owner tries to make them flee to America, but disappears. The band of “monsters” will have to use their powers to survive…

The supercharged trailer for Freaks Out, punctuated by a remix by Britney Spears, promises an orgy of cinema, between Albert Dupontel and Guillermo del Toro. To be found at the cinema on March 30:

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