Frédéric Pierrot puts season 2 of In Therapy on the couch: “We project ourselves easily”

In therapy season 2

The actor analyzes for us the new episodes infused by the anxieties of confinement.

Season 2 ofIn Therapy already totals 7 million views in one week on All 35 episodes are already available for free on the platform, as well as all of season 1. For the others, the broadcast on Arte begins tonight, with the first five episodes, which take us back to the practice in Dr. Dayan’s practice, five years later. The trauma of the November 13 attacks gives way to that of the first confinement forced by the COVID crisis. Now divorced and living in the suburbs, Philippe is rebuilding himself and trying to help new patients who pass by on his couch at the same time. A whole program, analyzed for Première by the shrink ofIn Therapy, Frederic Pierrot.

PREMIÈRE: Did you hesitate to join again? To come back and listen to other people’s problems for 35 new episodes?
Frederic Pierrot.: Not long ! There was a time when all the screenplays weren’t written yet and I hadn’t read them all yet. So we had to make a decision, commit on the basis of only ten scripts. But the doubt did not last long.

This season 2 explores the consequences of confinement, masks, barrier gestures… How did you experience all of this, personally?

We all project ourselves easily into this season 2 I believe. Me, the confinement, I lived it alone in the apartment where I was. Looking back, I remember being very disciplined, rigorous about respecting the rules! I dared not leave the authorized perimeter. And then as I got annoyed, especially in front of the measures taken in relation to culture, I started to go a little beyond the limits… But hey, we were still very respectful of the rules, right?

Why did you have to put the pandemic at the center of the plot?

The 5-year ellipse between season 1 and season 2 allowed us to do this. When we shot, we had already been living with COVID for a year and a half. We were already facing a paradigm shift in our vision of the world. All. We really felt a fragility in society. Anchored in all strata in depth. The shrinks are also solicited by younger and younger people! So it was important to place the series in a very concrete present.

How does season 2 transcribe these anxieties?

There is this little boy played by Aliocha Delmotte, who is very marked by barrier gestures, by masks and who bears witness to this in particular. There is the young girl played by Suzanne Lindon who finds that she does not belong in a hospital, despite her pathology, because there are a lot of people dying from COVID… There is a real echo of what we lived I believe. And even Philippe Dayan is very stressed! By the prospect of the lawsuit that we want to bring him, but also by his own confinement, a loss of bearings. He moved. He sees his children less. It is clearly more worked by unconscious things.

There are new patients on your couch this year. Is it complicated to leave with a new cast? To recreate an alchemy from A to Z?

It’s exciting to do. It’s very exciting to meet all these people. I had the experience of Season 1 plus, so I was able to enjoy it better. I guided the newcomers a bit, I welcomed them as well as possible and then afterwards, we all got caught up in the filming thing. And after two weeks, when we play something like that, everyone is completely naked. We end up naked, let’s be clear! These are roles in direct contact with our unconscious…

Today Frédéric Pierrot is inseparable from Philippe Dayan. He got inside you somehow?

I don’t like the expression “get into character”. Because basically, everything goes through language. through dialogue. That’s what counts! Honestly, I don’t know exactly who Philippe Dayan is. He has my traits, of course, but I don’t feel I own the character. It exists in people’s imagination. I believe there are as many Dayans as there are spectators.

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