Freewheeling: Marina Foïs and Benjamin Voisin in a wacky road movie [bande-annonce]

Didier Barcelo’s comedy will be released in theaters on June 29.

Former creative turned director, Didier Barcelo was noticed with the short film The End, where we found in particular Charlotte Rampling. At 60, he signs his first feature, Freewheelingwith a great duo of actors: Marina Foiswhich needs no introduction, and the now unavoidable Benjamin Voisin (Summer 85), recently awarded the César for best male hope for his role in lost illusions.

Freewheeling is a pure comedy with a rather wacky pitch. We indeed follow Louise (Foïs), a woman stuck in her car due to a panic attack. When a young man, Paul (Voisin), steals the vehicle to go to Cap Ferret in search of revenge, she finds herself embarked against her will on an eventful road trip full of twists and turns.

Freewheeling will be released in theaters on June 29. Trailer :

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