French box office July 27: Kaamelott is a millionaire, but other films fall apart

-81% attendance for Fast & Furious 9 … The health pass has serious consequences on the ranking. (Source: Le Film Français)

With 1,015,247 tickets sold in 807 cinemas in France, Kaamelott starts very strong: it’s almost as good as Fast & Furious 9, topping the best first weeks of 2021 on July 20 thanks to 1.3 million admissions. The film by Alexandre Astier alone accounts for 41% of the overall market share this week. Because in the rest of the ranking, the competitors collapse: the blockbuster of Justin Lin loses 81% of its audience, attracting only 248,852 curious in 756 theaters, then Black widow 71% drop, or 129,821 additional tickets collected in 649 theaters. The two films thus accumulate 1.5 million admissions in two and three weeks. The Croods 2 closes the top 5 thanks to 120,040 more curious moved in 967 cinemas (ie the most important distribution of the week). The animated film, released at the same time as Black widow, has not yet reached the million. The work that loses the least number of visitors is Titanium (-35%), who won the Palme d’Or on July 17, and who is eighth with 57,184 tickets sold for 227 screens, or 145,000 admissions in fifteen days (remember that it is forbidden to less than 16 years old).

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Only two other new features made it into the ranking this week: Space Jam – New Era, with LeBron James, who completed the podium thanks to) 182,763 countermarks exchanged in 463 theaters, and Old, by M. Night Shyamalan, which, in sixth position, is the last film in the top 10 to cross 100,000 admissions (for 300 screens).

All these small scores can be explained in part by the implementation of the health pass for adults wanting to go to cinemas with more than 50 seats. On the day it was set up, Wednesday July 21, attendance to films already released fell by 70% on average, and if Kaamelott got off to a good start (it also benefited from record premieres, with 300,000 admissions recorded the day before throughout France), the other novelties were far behind. Same observation during the weekend, and therefore within this weekly ranking, which loses overall 28% of its audience compared to last week, which represents -996,900 entries. In the last seven days, 2.4 million cinema tickets have been sold in cinemas, against 3.4 the week of the release of Fast & Furious 9.

French weekly box office from July 21 to 27, 2021:

French box office July 27: Kaamelott is a millionaire, but other films fall apart
French Film / ComScore

Despite Kaamelott, the health pass undermines the French box office

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