French box office of April 26: Fantastic Beasts 3 stands up to the competition

Sonic 2 and The Bad Guys are gaining in attendance, while The Secret of the Lost City, Les Segpa and A Talent in Solid Gold enter the top 10. (Source: Le Film Français)

With 719,811 tickets sold in the second week, a 36% drop in attendance, Dumbledore’s Secrets is maintained at the top of the French weekly ranking, far ahead of its competitors. Offered in 933 theaters, this third part of the saga derived from Harry Potter thus accumulated 1.8 million admissions. Then follow What the hell have we all done? and Sonic 2 – The Movie. The first loses only 7% of its audience, which is explained by the spring school holidays, but also by the increase in its distribution: in the third week, the French comedy went from 923 theaters to 1046, i.e. the largest from the moment. It has reached 1.7 million tickets sold in France so far. As for the sequel sonic, it is definitely gaining audiences: + 16% in the fourth week, or 343,349 more viewers. In one month, it was seen by 1.7 million curious people. This is not the only continuity to gain audiences this week: +42% for the animated film The Bad Guys (5th with 251,772 tickets), +19% for In bodyby Cédric Klapisch (7th with 209,798 countermarks) and +39% for Max and Emmy: Easter Mission (8th with 69,213 tickets).

Three new products managed to make it into the top 10: The Secret of the Lost City, an adventure comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, started in fourth position thanks to 306,738 spectators in front of 609 cinema screens. French comedy Segpas is it sixth, with 228,318 admissions, and finally A Solid Gold Talentalso in the comic register since this film “meta” plays with the career of its main actor, Nicolas Cage, completes the ranking with 55,677 tickets sold.

The French weekly ranking from April 20 to 26, 2022:

French box office of April 26: Fantastic Beasts 3 stands up to the competition
The French Film/ComScore

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