French box office of April 5: Sonic 2 doubles The Batman

Morbius and En Corps also start on the podium, ahead of the film with Robert Pattinson. (Source: French Film)

After a month at the top of the French weekly box officethe reign of The Batman end. sonic 2, Morbius and In Body start all three above him this week, strong respectively of 749,372 admissions recorded in 675 theaters – i.e. a very good average of 1,110 curious people per screen), 403,848 tickets sold for 671 cinemas and 332,971 spectators distributed in front of 413 screens . The superhero film worn by Robert Pattinson therefore falls to fourth place with 168,390 additional admissions collected in 827 multiplexes (i.e. a 29% drop in attendance) and a total of 2.8 million.

In detail, the start of sonic 2 is almost as good as the first part, which had attracted 771,015 curious people when it was released in February 2020, then 2.1 million people at the cinema (its final score could have been higher if the cinemas had not not been closed at the time of confinement). For Morbiuson the other hand, it is a disappointment: among the films derived from the franchise Spidermanthe two opuses of Venom had done better: 941,871 tickets sold for the first installment in October 2018, then 2.2 million in all, and 676,090 in the first week for its sequel last fall, which ended its run beyond a million and half entrees. For Cédric Klapisch, on the other hand, it’s a little better than his recent starts, What binds us and two meseen by just over 200,000 people at the start in 2017 and 2019, then collecting around 650,000 tickets.

Morbius is less entertaining than Venom [critique]

These are the only three novelties in the ranking, the rest of the top being made up of continuities, some of which are holding up well: in 5th and 8th positions, Notre Dame is burning and Goliath are losing very little attendance (for the former, this is partly explained by its strong showing of 881 cinemas), whereasAmbulanceby Michael Bay, recorded half as many tickets as during its release week, thus accumulating barely 200,000 admissions. Uncharted remains in the top 10 after 7 weeks of operation.

It should be remembered that overall, movie theaters recorded lower scores in March 2022despite the reduced prices of the spring of cinema. Except on its penultimate day: Wednesday, March 30, the novelties worked well. In April, the market is expected to recover a little, for example thanks to the continuation of popular comedies What the hell have we all done?which has just been released in theaters and should shake up the weekly rankings next week.

French weekly box office from March 30 to April 5, 2022:

  French box office of April 5: Sonic 2 doubles The Batman
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