French box office of August 17: La Pat ‘Patrouille leads a low ranking

OSS 117 3 and Kaamelott lost half of their attendance this week. (Source: Le Film Français)

With 579,566 people moved in front of 610 screens, Paw Patrol starts at the top of the French ranking, quite far ahead of the other new features: Free Guy, with Ryan Reynolds, is fourth thanks to 174,093 tickets sold in 435 theaters, What is this grandpa ?! follows with 131,132 entries spread over 463 screens, Pil attracts 117,333 curious for 382 copies and finally Escape Game 2 closed the top 10 with 84,115 countermarks sold in 268 theaters. The suites are doing much worse than their predecessors: What is this granny ?! had attracted 425,000 curious in front of 425 screens in August 2019 and the first Escape Game, 300,000 in 229 theaters, in February of the same year.

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This good start to the animated film demonstrates the popularity of the series with children, but the rest of the ranking is rather low. Yes OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa and Kaamelott – First part were doing well the previous weeks, they lost respectively 57% and 42% of attendance since last Wednesday, even if they remain on the podium, above 200,000 admissions. Nicolas Bedos’ comedy thus borders on a million in fifteen days, and that of Alexandre Astier crosses the double in a month. Jungle Cruise, The Suicide Squad and the new one American Nightmare fall from 7th to 9th place, also losing half of their audience compared to last week, or around 100,000 displaced people for each. The best-performing movie of the three is Jungle Cruise, seen by 632,680 spectators in three weeks.

The French weekly ranking from August 11 to 17, 2021:

French box office of August 17: La Pat 'Patrouille leads a low ranking
French Film / ComScore

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