French box office of August 3: Kaamelott stands up to Jungle Cruise and The Suicide Squad

With a little over 500,000 admissions in the second week, Alexandre Astier’s film keeps first place in the top 10. (Source: Le Film Français)

Last week, the introduction of the health pass at the entrance to cinemas welcoming more than 50 spectators per room drastically reduced attendance. Even if Kaamelott – First part got off to a strong start (notably thanks to its record premieres), the other films lost up to 70% of their audiences. Looking at this week’s ranking, the drop is less drastic (around -30% for Fast & Furious 9, Space Jam – New Era Where The croods 2, which still has the largest distribution at the moment with 951 theaters), but you have to keep in mind that it is calculated against the low scores of last week.

French box office July 27: Kaamelott is a millionaire, but other films fall apart

Kaamelott therefore retains the lead of the top 10 despite a drop of half of its initial attendance. Shown in 807 cinemas, the film by Alexandre Astier, which follows his successful medieval series, has accumulated 1.5 million admissions, of which 517,930 have been recorded since July 28. Among the continuities, Fast & Furious 9 (in 4th position) and Space Jam 2 (5th) are the only ones to exceed the symbolic bar of 100,000 entries, Black widow and Old stopping around 80,000.

Among the novelties, there are no surprises Jungle Cruise and The Suicide Squad who do the best. The blockbuster with Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson attracts 284,661 curious people in front of 538 screens, while that of James Gunn sells 256,516 tickets in 478 cinemas. Spirit: The Indomitable and It’s life are further away, thanks to 118,045 tickets sold for 434 screens, and 84,440 for 344 theaters.

French weekly ranking from July 28 to August 3, 2021:

French box office of August 3: Kaamelott stands up to Jungle Cruise and The Suicide Squad
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