French box office of December 7: Encanto stands up to Ghostbusters: the legacy

The latest Disney is doing well. (Source: Le Film Français)

The French weekly ranking is once again upset with the arrival of five new features: Ghostbusters: the legacy, Madres Paralelas, Clifford, The Williams Method and Human things. But none came at the top of the ranking, the first place still being held by Encanto, the fantastic Madrigal family, the latest animated film from Disney studios. With only 22% drop in attendance, it adds 410,852 spectators (distributed in 623 cinemas) to its score, or 937,758 admissions in a fortnight.

Following Ghostbusters then starts, thanks to 280,226 tickets sold in 662 theaters (previews included, otherwise it is the continuation of Bodin’s which is second). This is a better start than that of the female version released in 2016, seen by just under 200,000 curious in the first week, then doubled at the end of the race. The two parts of the 1980s had recorded more than two million admissions.
Bodins in Thailand remains on the podium with 254,336 more spectators, or 1.1 million in three weeks.

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Then the latest film by Pedro Almodovar and House of Gucci complete the top 5. With 221,999 countermarks exchanged on 347 copies, the first starts a little below the last films of the Spanish filmmaker: Pain and glory and Julieta had attracted more than 230,000 people at the start, then around 800,000 in all. With a total of 474,882 tickets in a fortnight, House of Gucci does it better than Scott’s last movie, The Last Duel over its entire operating life.

The family film Clifford and Celine Dion’s true-false biopic, Aline, are the last two films in the ranking to be above the symbolic bar of 100,000 tickets sold – note that the latter is the most widely distributed at the moment with 778 screens. The film with Will Smith as the father of the Williams sisters and the drama of Yvan Attal starts just below, while The Eternals falls in tenth position with only 64,847 spectators gathered in the fifth week. The last Marvel still has 1.6 million admissions.

French weekly box office from December 1 to 7, 2021:

  French box office of December 7: Encanto stands up to Ghostbusters: the legacy
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