French box office of February 1: Spider-Man is dethroned by Almost

Alexandre Jollien and Bernard Campan’s film finally took No Way Home! (Source: French Film)

After six weeks at the top of the French weekly ranking, that’s it, Spider-Man: No Way Home was dethroned. And it was played with less than 1000 entries! 151,276 people discovered Almost, the film by and starring Alexandre Jollien and Bernard Campan, in 443 cinemas. The blockbuster carried by Tom Holland follows closely with 150,691 admissions recorded on 584 screens, and if we count the previews of Almost (which thus sells 146,233 tickets), then it is Spidey who is in front. In all, Jon Watts’ film has been seen 6.8 million times in France, which makes it the biggest success of the saga with us since Sam Raimi’s first opus, 20 years ago.

Bernard Campan and Alexandre Jollien hit the road in the trailer for Almost

Only five films are above the bar of 100,000 countermarks exchanged this week. Nightmare Alley, of Guillermo del Toro, passes just below and falls in sixth position, thus accumulating 239,855 tickets in fifteen days. Four new features are included in the ranking: Almosttherefore, but also The promiseswith Isabelle Huppert, My Hero Academia and A young girl who is well, by Sandrine Kiberlain, respectively in fourth, fifth and tenth positions. Among the continuations, we can note the good maintenance ofFarewell Mr. Haffman, a drama carried by Daniel Auteuil: he is third with 137,914 more spectators gathered in front of 934 screens, the largest cast at the moment. In all, it drew 570,425 people to the cinema.

French weekly box office from January 26 to February 1, 2022:

  February 1 French box office
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