French box office of February 8: Super-heroes despite himself starts at the top

Vaillante and Les Jeunes amants are also on the podium. (Source: French Film)

Last week, it was played with only a few entriesbut this time, for sure: Spider-Man: No Way Home has been dethroned! These are three hexagonal novelties that start at the top of the French weekly box office: Despite himself superheroes, Valiant and The Young Lovers. Philippe Lacheau’s new comedy sells 576,138 tickets in 688 theaters, a result between those of Baby sittingin 2014, and Nicky Larsonin 2019. Knowing that all the films of La Bande à Fifi have exceeded one million admissions (the lowest score goes to 30 days maxwith 1.3 million, and the largest at, strong of 3.6 million), this new adventure should also work well. The French animated film follows with 298,029 spectators moved to 640 theaters, then the romance between Fanny Ardant and Melvil Poupaud attracts 152,312 curious people in front of 296 screens.

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The last Spiderman therefore fell to fourth position despite its good performance compared to last week (it only lost 15% in attendance), adding 128,815 more admissions to its list, or soon 7 million tickets. Almost, by and with Alexandre Jollien and Bernard Campan, who had just doubled it last Wednesday, is the last film in the ranking to obtain more than 100,000 tickets: 124,397 exactly. In fifteen days, it is approaching 300,000 countermarks sold.

Among the continuations, we can note thatEncanto gains 6% in attendance in the 11th week, which allows it to stay in the top 10. Overall, it is the second biggest success in the ranking, thanks to 2.7 million tickets sold.

French weekly box office from February 2 to 8, 2022:

French box office of February 8: Super-heroes despite himself starts at the top
The French Film/ComScore

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