French box office of June 21: Jurassic World 3 clings to the top of the top

Two novelties join the ranking: Incredible but true, by Quentin Dupieux, and Frate, by Karole Rocher. (Source: French Film)

Despite a 52% drop in attendance, The world after remains at the top of the French weekly ranking, following its good start last week. Thanks to 627,968 tickets sold in 821 theaters, this third part of the saga Jurassic World already close to 2 million admissions in two weeks. Just after, Top Gun: Maverick also hangs on the podium, with 471,870 countermarks sold for 1,016 screens, ie the largest distribution at the moment (and a total of 3.8 million spectators combined in one month). It thus loses only 24% of attendance, as Doctor Strange 2which completes the top 5 with 64,000 more tickets (i.e. 3.1 million people displaced since the beginning of May in theaters in France).

Jurassic World: The World After, A Lost World [critique]

Two novelties manage to enter the top 10: comedies Incredible but true and brother, directed respectively by Quentin Dupieux and Karole Rocher (in duet with Barbara Biancardini). The first starts in third position, with 133,330 entries recorded in 377 cinemas (including previews), and the second is sixth thanks to 36,400 spectators moved in front of 360 screens. We can note at the end of the classification the rise in Bad Guys, the Dreamworks animated film, which gained 17% attendance, or 19,000 additional curious people in its 11th week of operation. It thus exceeded one million admissions in France.

French weekly box office from June 15 to 21, 2022:

French box office of June 21: Jurassic World 3 clings to the top of the top
The French Film/ComScore

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