French box-office of November 23: The reign of the Bodins

The double comedy Aline, The Eternals and Mourir can wait with more than 500,000 spectators. (Source: Le Film Français)

Big changes at the French box office of the week with the arrival in the top 10 of five new products: Bodins in Thailand, We are made for each other, Lovers, Hungry and a special event organized by CGR around One Piece. The comedy carried by the duo of comedians Vincent Dubois and Jean-Christian Fraiscinet started in the lead thanks to 580,181 spectators moved to 488 cinemas (preview included). It thus explodes the scores of Wedding at the Bodins’ and Amélie in the Land of Bodins, which had attracted 76,000 and 100,000 curious in 16 and 81 theaters in 2008 and 2010, but which were still very profitable (read below). Two other French films, directed by Pascal Elbé and Nicole Garcia complete the top 5, above 100,000 countermarks.

Marriage at the Bodins’: The highest grossing film of 2008 after Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis

Among the continuities, which all lose around 50% of attendance, Aline and The Eternals, who were in the lead last week for the film by Valérie Lemercier and a fortnight ago for the latest Marvel fall respectively to second and third place in the top, thanks to 301,206 and 209,800 tickets sold in 702 and 620 cinemas. Celine Dion’s biopic is close to 900,000 admissions and Chloé Zhao’s SF film, the million and a half. To die can wait, in theaters for 7 weeks, falls in sixth position with 83,000 more spectators, or 3.8 million in all.

French weekly box office from November 17 to 23, 2021:

French box-office of November 23: The reign of the Bodins
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