Friends: Jennifer Aniston in a relationship with David Schwimmer? She answers

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The actress returns to the rumors that have circulated since the broadcast of the Great Meeting.

Since the revelation of their “crush” in the first season of Friends, rumors are growing around David Schwimmer and Jennifer aniston. Are they, in real life, the same “lobsters” as Ross Geller and Rachel Green?

Friends: Jennifer Aniston reflects on her failed story with David Schwimmer

Over a interview with Entertainment Tonight, alongside Reese Witherspoon, on season 2 of The Morning Show, Jennifer aniston responded to these rumors yesterday, without beating around the bush:

It was weird to hear that. I found it hard to believe it actually. Like … seriously? It is my brother !”

That being said, Aniston definitely says “understand“why the fans want to believe it: “I understand that anyway. It shows how much hope people put in fantasy, to make their dreams come true.. “No, Jen and David are still not in town together …

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