Friends: Jennifer Aniston reflects on her failed story with David Schwimmer

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“If we had been dating, Courteney and Lisa would have known!”

On the occasion of Friends: reunion, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer proclaimed loud and clear that they were very attracted to each other during the time of the first season of Friends. Strong feelings brought the two actors closer together at the time, but they never took the plunge, as Rachel’s interpreter again confirmed in a recent interview with The Howard Stern Show :

“He’s adorable, David was great. But we were both a couple at the time and it was never a good time (to get together). And it wouldn’t have worked anyway,” assures the actress who believes that good came out of all this:

“The best part about this story is that whatever feelings we had, we literally channeled them into Ross and Rachel. And I think maybe that’s why their story resonated with this way.”

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But Jennifer Aniston promises it with a laugh: she never had a relationship with David Schwimmer during Friends ! “No, never. On my life. And then Courteney [Cox] and Lisa [Kudrow] would have known because they would have heard about it. You can be sure that I would have proudly said to them, ‘I screwed Schwimmer!’, If that had been the case. But no. They can vouch for me. “

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