Friends: Jennifer Aniston thinks Sebastian Stan would make a good Joey

Friends: Jennifer Aniston thinks Sebastian Stan would make a good Joey
Variety: Actor on Actor 2022

The interpreter of the Winter Soldier would have preferred to play Chandler.

variety is currently organizing interviews between actors entitled “Actor on Actor”. Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong, the two stars ofArmageddon Timeby James Gray, for example, exchanged career anecdotes for the famous American magazine, as did Zendaya and Andrew Garfield, who recently crossed paths in Spider-Man: No Way Home. This concept also extends to actors who are currently hitting television, such as Jennifer Aniston and Sebastian Stan. The star of Friends is since 2019 the heroine of The Morning Showbroadcast on AppleTV +, and the interpreter of the Winter Soldier at Marvel marked the subscribers to Disney + thanks to Pam & Tommythe miniseries about the sex tape by Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, publicly shared in the 1990s.

Their discussion of their respective careers, developed on both the small and the big screen, obviously drifted on Friends, the sitcom which was a hit from 1994 to 2004 on NBC, before breaking sales records on DVD, and experiencing renewed success by being rebroadcast on Netflix and then HBO Max. The reunion of the leading actors in the series, organized by this last platform, has also been one of the events of recent months. Touched to see that Friends always appeals to the public, the interpreter of Rachel Green wonders how the series would have been made today: “I’m very nostalgic for the past, but it’s interesting to see how much she still speaks to the public, when our social interactions have changed so much. Who are all these people communicating with? You are at the restaurant, you take a look at the next table where four people are gathered for lunch. Usually there are three of them on their phones, scrolling non-stop.” “I am certain that if social networks had existed when Friends was airing, the channel would have asked you to film TikTok videos!, Stan adds. While most of your interactions have been broadcast directly on the show.”

This is what we will remember from Friends: the reunion

always about Friendswhich reunion rumors for a new season or a remake have long swirled around, Jen tells Sebastian: “You would have made a good Joey!” “I always felt closer to Chandler, he replies, explaining that with his friends, they often referred to each other by the names of the characters in the series whose character corresponded to them the best. In this case, for him, the one who was played by Matthew Perry, and not his best friend played by Matt LeBlanc. “I have some neuroses, and I often laugh out loud.”he justifies. “It’s good to know”adds Aniston. “You were a Chanandler Bong, then!”she laughs in reference to one of the jokes of the show.

Their meeting was filmed and can be seen below, in English:

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