Friends’ Thanksgiving episodes from worst to best


Monica likes to entertain. And on this American holiday, we are making the top of the best Thanksgiving episodes of the cult series.

On this last Thursday of November, it’s a day of celebration on the other side of the Atlantic! Thanksgiving is often a good excuse to do something a little special, in the US series … and especially in Friends. The cult sictom used to devote an episode each year to this great typically American celebration. Except during season 2 – where the episode of the roster between Rachel and Julie replaced the traditional big family meal – we saw, every fall, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey celebrate Thanksgiving. And every time (or almost), it resulted in a milestone episode of the series. But which was the best of all?

Friends: no, it wasn’t a real turkey on Monica and Joey’s head!

9) “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs” (Season 7)

Definitely the worst of all and let’s face it, the only “Thankgsgiving” episode of Friends totally forgettable. The plot about Phoebe having to babysit a friend’s dog over the holidays (all of which to come to the conclusion that Chandler hates dogs) is a real mess. And at the same time, Rachel gets into a relationship with Tag. We will only remember from this episode the game of the “50 States”, which ends up driving Ross mad. Moreover, we still do not know which state he forgot …

8) “The One with the Late Thanksgiving” (season 10)

The last “Thanksgiving” of Friends is not the most memorable, but it ends in style, with this cult scene of heads passing through the door. In this episode, Monica did not want to make dinner and then under the pressure of her friends, she ended up giving in … but none of them arrived on time for the meal, which caused a small crisis in the group. Until Monica and Chandler get a call from the adoption agency, who tells them that a woman in Ohio is thinking about giving them her baby … an important step towards the end of the series . With this priceless replica as a bonus: “I can’t feel my ears anymore!” – “TOhave you ever felt your ears? “

7) “The One with the Rumor” (season 8)

Or as you might as well call it, “The One With Brad Pitt”. Three years after their union, the husband of Jennifer aniston arrives to play Will Colbert, an obese ex-comrade of Ross, Monica and Rachel who has lost 80 pounds and who comes to share the Thanksgiving meal with the gang. Except that he hates Rachel, because of everything she did to him in high school … And that is the real good find of this episode: to do Jennifer aniston a sworn enemy of Brad pitt. Tasty and so visionary!

6) “The One Where Ross Got High” (season 6)

Monica and Ross’ parents join their children for dinner. This is the only time in 10 years that the Geller family will spend Thanksgiving together. Curious. In any case, if the story of Rachel’s traditional English Trifle is rather heavy to digest in the long run, that of the secrets given to parents works wonderfully. We love it when Monica and Ross pull their hair out in memory of their childhood. And we love that Chandler ends up becoming the noble hero of the Geller family!

5) “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister” (season 9)

The first visit of Christina applegate is a real nugget. Okay, so we can always wonder how it is that the series took almost 10 years to introduce us to Rachel’s older sister. But Amy bursts the screen in this crazy Thanksgiving where she doesn’t understand why she isn’t Ella’s legal godmother … Emily … uh … Emma! Completely perched, incredibly self-centered and irresistibly disconnected, she gives us one of the funniest Thankgiving ever. Friends. Too bad little Emma missed that: she spent all day napping!

4) “The One with Chandler in a Box” (season 4)

As he overtook Joey by kissing Kathy, Chandler has to pay to mend his friendship. He thus spends his Thanksgiving in a box, to think about what he did, to show how much he cares about Joey, and to suffer a little too! Funny and touching, especially when Kathy arrives at the end, to break up with him, through the box. Meanwhile, Monica is dating Richard’s son, the handsome Tim Burke, played by the future star ofA.k.a, Michael vartan.

3) “The One Where Underdog Gets Away” (season 1)

This is the first Thankgiving of Friends, so inevitably, the nostalgia factor is in full play! For the first time, Monica and Ross are spending this day without their parents and when the gang was to dispatches to the four corners of the country, they end up meeting, together, around a good dinner: “I’m thankful that all of your Thanksgiving messed up “, says Chandler. “So let’s drink to a crappy Christmas and a crappy New Year!”

2) “The One with the Football” (season 3)

Chandler, Joey, Rachel and Phoebe offer a little game of US football, before dinner. But Monica and Ross are not allowed to play. They then reveal the existence of the cult “Geller Bowl” … Beyond the fact that it takes place mainly outdoors (which is rare in the series), this episode says a lot about love and rivalry. brotherhood of the Geller children. And isn’t Thanksgiving the quintessential family holiday?

1) “The One With All The Thanksgivings” (season 5)

Best of all, of course. The funniest, the most original, the most striking. It’s the turkeys episode on Monica and Joey’s heads. This is the episode where Phoebe recalls her former lives as a War Nurse. This is the episode where we find out how Chandler’s parents told their son they were going to get a divorce (“More turkey, Mr. Chandler?”). And of course, this is the episode that takes us back to 1987, when Monica first met her brother’s best friend, the one who would become her husband. This is where the young woman decided to lose weight. And finally, it is at the end of this Thanksgiving that Chandler will confess to his beautiful that he is in love with her. Unforgettable.

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