From Daniel Craig to Robert Pattinson: Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Stars

From Daniel Craig to Robert Pattinson: Hollywood's Highest-Paid Stars

Playing Batman pays less than shooting the sequels of A Knives Out for Netflix!

Variety establishes as every year a top of the highest paid stars of the moment in Hollywood, with a particularity this year: the two big winners of the top are Daniel Craig and Dwayne Johnson, who each raised very important sums thanks to films intended for platform services. The first hit $ 100 million to shoot in the two sequelsKnives Out, by Rian Johnson, for Netflix, and the second scooped 50 million (30 million + bonuses) to be the star of Red One for Amazon Prime. At the bottom of the list, Robert Pattinson is far behind with his 3 million for The batman, one of the upcoming Warner Bros. super-movies for theaters.

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However, playing superheroes can sometimes pay off. Robert Downey Jr. has been at the top of this ranking several times thanks to his insane salaries to play Iron Man, and Chris Hemsworth made 20 million greenbacks to re-enter the role of Thor in Love & Thunder. However, there is indeed a strong presence of streaming services in this new ranking. If Sandra Bullock won the same amount for her romantic comedy The Lost City of D, who is slated to hit the big screen, just like Brad Pitt for the action flick Bullet train, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence feature in this top thanks to their $ 30 million and $ 25 million respectively acquired to play in Don’t Look Up, Adam McKay’s next film scheduled for Netflix.

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The article also underlines that the question of the distribution of films in the cinema or in streaming begins to pose problems, at a time when several studios, such as Disney with Disney Plus or Warner Bros with HBO Max, offer their new products. both on the big screen and at home. The latter thus signed contracts with Denzel Washington, Will Smith or Keanu Reeves, up to 40 million for the first two and between 12 and 14 million for the third, so that they play in The Little Things, King Richard and Matrix 4, but they foresee a profit on cinema receipts … which will necessarily be less if their films are released in parallel on the streaming site. Variety Finally, specifies that with his more traditional star status, Tom Cruise is doing well by signing contracts that allow him to receive his entire salary even before the studio has earned the slightest penny on his films. He has already received 13 million for Top Gun Maverick, a sum which should increase if the film is a success in theaters.

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