From Lambert Wilson to Samuel Labarthe: they embodied De Gaulle in cinema and on TV

De Gaulle actors
Vertigo Productions / France TV

France 2 is broadcasting this evening the great historical film of 2020, dedicated to the General. A French figure, many times embodied on the screen.

Lambert Wilson puts himself in the shoes of Grand Charles tonight, in the film DeGaullebroadcast for the first time in clear on France 2. A delicate biopic for a perilous exercise, already attempted by a dozen actors over the decades, on the big and the small screen.

Adrien Cayla Legrand (1966)

Adrien Cayla Legrand

Died in 2007 at the age of 88, the actor specialized in the role of General De Gaulle in the background (often without dialogue), lending his features to the French statesman in films that do not were not centered on the General. We see it thus in Martin soldier, Army of shadows, The Good and the Bad or The Carapatebut also JackalFranco-British film directed by Fred Zinnemann, released in 1973.

Olivier Lefevre (2005)

Olivier Lefevre
France TV / Jacques Morell

He too played De Gaulle several times, but mostly on television. We find it in 2005 in the docu-fiction by Jean-Teddy Filippe, They wanted to kill de Gaullebroadcast on TF1, in which André Dussollier narrates the circumstances of the Petit-Clamart attack in 1962. Lefevre will return to play the General in Mitterrand à Vichy, another docu-fiction by Serge Moati broadcast, broadcast in 2008 on France 2.

Bernard Farcy (2006)

Bernard Farcy
France Televisions

In 2006, the former troublemaker of Taxi slips into the costume of Great Charlesfor Bernard Stora’s TV movie, broadcast on France Télévisions and which recounts the post-war period of De Gaulle, who was ousted from power in 1946.

Pierre Vernier (2009)

Pierre Vernier Farewell De Gaulle
Canal +

Inspired by the novel “La Fuite à Baden” by Hervé Bentégeat, Farewell de Gaulle is a French television film directed by Laurent Herbiet and broadcast in 2009 on Canal+, which recounts the crisis of May 68 as seen from the Elysée Palace. Pierre Vernier plays a General overwhelmed by events.

Patrick Chesnais (2010)

Patrick Chesnais
France Television

Another docu-drama directed by Serge Moati, I understood you: De Gaulle, 1958-1962 was broadcast in 2010 on France 2. It recounts the end of the Fourth Republic and the end of French Algeria, with the famous Algiers speech.

Michel Vuillermoz (2010)

Michel Vuillermoz
France Televisions

In 2010, France Télévisions also broadcast a series in three episodes, That day, everything changed: The Appeal of June 18signed Félix Olivier, who returns to the London exile of De Gaulle.

Andre Penvern (2014)

Andre Penvern
TF1 Films Production / Canal+

Olivier Dahan’s film, Grace of Monacoreleased in 2014, tells the story of Grace Kelly played by Nicole Kidman, who one day crossed paths with the President of the French Republic.

Lambert Wilson (2020)

lambert wilson
Vertigo Productions

In the cinema, the actor lends his features to DeGaulle for an eponymous film, which recounts the General’s War, since May 1940, when the very recent brigadier general finds himself confronted with the military and political collapse of France.

Samuel Labarthe (2020)

de Gaulle samuel labarthe
France TV

The actor of Small Murders embodies the first President of the Fifth Republic in the event mini-series: DeGaulle, the brilliance and the secret. Six episodes around the “Grand Charles”, to tell his life from the 1940s to the end of his reign, in 1969.

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