From our wounded brothers: Vincent Lacoste and Vicky Krieps in the midst of drama in French Algeria [bande-annonce]

A film based on a true story.

Nine years after his last feature film, VandalHélier Cisterne (who also worked on The Office of Legends) returns to the cinema with a new film inspired by real events and carried by a great duo of actors: Vincent Lacoste and the now essential Vicky Krieps (Phantom Thread), nominated for the César 2022 for her role in Hug me tight by Mathieu Amalric.

Of our wounded brothers tells the story of Fernand Iveton (Lacoste), an Algerian Frenchman who took up the cause of the FLN separatists. To the point of dropping a bomb in a disused room of his factory. No victim is to be deplored, but he risks the death penalty. His wife, Hélène (Krieps), is now considered a traitor’s wife. But she refuses to abandon her man.

This drama set in the 1950s will be released in theaters on March 23. Trailer :

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