Full time: daily survival with a brilliant Laure Calamy [critique]

A single mother juggles as best she can between personal and professional life during a strike. A societal thriller dominated by a tension never faulted.

It’s a race against time that we feel lost in advance. Wrong? Is right ? Revealing it to you would damage the immersive experience offered by Eric Gravel (Crash test Aglaë) for 85 minutes without downtime. Full time sees himself as the most breathless of survivals. One survival daily life in the footsteps, the head and the exhausted body of Julie, a single mother of two children living in the countryside, a cleaning lady in a Parisian palace finally landing an interview for a position closer to her aspirations. Everything could therefore go for the best in the best of worlds for the one who we perceive not to have been spared by life. Except that a transport strike breaks out. And that the schedule to the millimeter that she had made between childcare, her job and her maintenance is shattered, pushing her to juggle delays and lies and push the cork further and further as the interviews are completed. Julie evolves on a thin ridge between losing everything and winning everything. And at no time does the film loosen the grip of a tension that is never factitious except for the time of a child’s birthday which will quickly recreate another form of anxiety. By the thriller, Gravel tells this France which cracks everywhere by avoiding the easy reaction of the anti-strike speech. As with Loach, the poorest have no choice but to impact others as poor as themselves to save their own skins. Multi-award winning at the Mostra 2021, this social film summit also offers a Laure Calamy, brilliant from start to finish, a role far from her post jobs Ten percent.

By Eric Gravel. With Laure Calamy, Olivier Faliez, Evelyne El Garby-Klaï… Duration: 1h25. Released March 16, 2022

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