Full time: Laure Calamy wavers in the drama of Eric Gravel [bande-annonce]

The film had been presented at the Venice Film Festival – Orizzonti, before leaving with two prizes.

Almost five years later Crash Test Aglaéher comedy released in 2017 with the air of a female road-trip, Eric Gravel returns to the cinema and announces the upcoming release ofFull timea social drama premiering at the 78th Venice Film Festival and won Best Direction for Gravel and Best Actress for Laura Calamy in the lead role.

This becomes the time of the film Julie, a single mother struggling to raise her two children in the countryside while keeping her job in a Parisian palace. When she finally gets an interview for a position corresponding to her aspirations, a general strike breaks out, paralyzing transport. It’s all of Julie’s fragile balance that falters. She will then embark on a frantic race, at the risk of sinking. In addition to the performance of Laure Calamy, the feature film is carried by Olivier Faliez and Evelyne El Garby-Klai.

Dated for March 16, 2022, Full time is distributed by Haut et Court. Its trailer:

Laure Calamy – Antoinette in the Cévennes: “The role was not written for me”

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