Funny laughs Series Mania from the opening (review)


The creator of Ten percent returns to the roots and paints a portrait of young stand-up artists in search of success. A surprisingly surprising creation.

This is a perfect link between the 2021 edition and the 2022 edition! Six months ago, Young and Golri won the prize for Best French Series in a Series Mania placed under the sign of stand-up. At the time, Fanny Herrero had come to do a masterclass on her job as a TV series author.

Back in Lille this Friday evening, she definitely had the honor of opening the festival with her latest creation: Funny. A Netflix series which is released today on the platform and which precisely describes the backstage of the stand-up and a Parisian comedy club, where four budding comedians come to practice their art and try to find a place in the sun. Yes Fanny Herrero tells the story of show business again, she leaves the opulent offices of ASK, its stars in all the episodes, the galas and the sequins, to take us to the bottom of the cellars of Paris. Almost a conscious and assumed anti-Ten percent, who is busy chronicling young talents nurtured by their art. In the figurative sense, since Aïssatou, Bling, Nezir and Apolline are still struggling to make a living from humor. But for them, going on stage is a necessity. Making people laugh, a vocation.

In the bowels of this comedy club, Fanny Herrero seeks less to make us laugh than to touch our hearts. More drama than comedy Funny embraces its title which sounds like an injunction to laugh, to better divert its meaning. “Funnyit does not necessarily mean hilarious. Funny, it’s fun, but at the same time a little weird, awkward. You have to be serious to be funny, it’s a job. It’s something rough. It’s all in that word…” confides the creator to us. And there is all that in the series too.

A few moments that make the zygomatics vibrate. Some well felt valves. A few banging lines. But above all the radioscopy of a generation which seeks to find its place, on the stage as in the city. A photo of French youth. And a delightful exploration of the profession of comedian. “Do you do stand-up? So you’re funny!” But how to be funny? How to make people laugh, drawing inspiration from their experiences, without doing it at the expense of those close to them? And always having something to say? Mariama Gueye, Younes Boucif, Elsa Guedj and Jean Siuen shine at the bottom from the cellar. A strangely explosive quartet. Strangely endearing. Strangely rewarding.

Funny can be seen in France on Netflix since March 18, 2022.

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