Funny: season 2 of the Netflix series is already in sight [exclu]


The creator, Fanny Herrero, reveals to us that the writing of the sequel has been launched and is already well advanced.

A few days after making the event at the opening of Séries Mania, the series Funny from Netflix is ​​on the podium of the most viewed programs on the platform. The stand-up series, imagined by Fanny Herreroshould easily conquer a large audience.

The future of Nezir, Apolline and the others seems all mapped out. Moreover, season 2 is already in sight:

“The idea is that this series can continue. That we see these characters grow and confront each other at other stages. So yes, we started writing season 2 a few months ago to take a little ahead of schedule. We are well advanced“, says the screenwriter.

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Fanny Herrero continues revealing the avenues that these new episodes will explore : “We have ideas for everyone. Because all the characters embody a very different relationship to success. It’s not because we choose an artistic profession like that that we only dream of glory and exposure. We can be stand-upper and feel good in a cellar and feel that it belongs. The Olympia, for Nezir, is not self-evident. It is interesting to tell four visions of success, ambition We will continue to push them each. They will not necessarily all achieve the same goal…”

specify that Funny has not yet been officially renewed by Netflix.

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