Future Crimes: How the Ears Man Was Created

36 prostheses were placed on the body of Tassos Karahalios, the interpreter of Klinek.

Surgery is the new sex » claims Kristen Stewart in the last David Cronenberg. The feature film The Crimes of the Future, in competition at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, imagines the future of humanity and in particular that of the body. Having become an art form, surgery is at the heart of history and underground circles.

In one of the film’s scenes, Saul Tenser, played by Viggo Mortensenattends the performance of “the ears man” played by the dancer Tassos Karahalios. Klinek, the character, is almost naked, his eyes and mouth are sewn up and his body is covered with ears. The designers of these prostheses, alexandra Anger and Monica pavepasted a total of 36. Anger explain to variety : “ When first discussed with David, the character was to have two extra ears behind the real ones. But when we were in Greece, he had a revelation and decided he wanted to put it all over his body! “She says again:” The discussion focused mainly on the number of prostheses. With each photo sent, he replied ‘Let’s try to add a few more’, until he asked us to put as many as possible on him “. At the Cannes premiere, the Greek actor received a seven-minute standing ovation. And for good reason.

In an interview for QGthe ear man explains thatAnger and pave first made a mold of his ears before recreating them in silicone: ” When you touch them, it’s exactly the same feeling as for a real ear! The same hardness, the same softness, the same shape. It’s really weird! » It took four hours to apply everything on Karahalios, four hours during which he could not move. ” I suffered a lot. But I was also happy because David Cronenberg came every five minutes to tell me ‘I am very happy. You do a good job’ […]. I forgot my needs, I didn’t want to see anything. I was not hungry. Maybe a little thirsty after a while, but I was like ‘Okay it doesn’t matter’”.

After the shoot, the director and the make-up artists kept a few prostheses, Tassos Karahalios kept the original, and nearly 30 ears in a pizza box “.

The Crimes of the Future can still be seen in cinemas. The trailer right here:

Crimes of the Future at Cannes: “Spectators will leave the room”, warns David Cronenberg

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