Fuzzy love: the series by Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot has its trailer

Fuzzy love
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This series is adapted from a film released in 2018. Eric Caravaca and Monica Bellucci will accompany Rebbot and Bohringer in their “Sépartement”.

Three years after the release of their film Fuzzy love, Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot return to their unusual separation in a series signed Canal +, bearing the same name as the original feature film. A first trailer has been released, revealing a panel of actors and a colorful family:

Original Canal + creation, Fuzzy love brings together Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot on screen, as well as Eric Caravaca and Monica Bellucci (among others). The series is directed by Bohringer and co-written in particular by his sister, Lou Bohringer.

In October 2018, Romane and Philippe recounted their separation and the creation of their Department, roommate with a slightly crazy concept, after ten years of living together in the film Fuzzy love. The film packed critics and nearly 200,000 spectators and was also the highest grossing of 2018. First had also made a rave review, praising this comedy “which ends up sweeping away the viewer, who forgets that they are two true former lovers they have before their eyes and lets themselves be carried away by this romance so honestly lived that it becomes universal, condensing in itself all our past loves. “

Fuzzy love: A comedy to the point [Critique]

Fuzzy love, the series, will be available on Canal + from November 8.

His synopsis: After 10 years of living together, two adored children and a dog, they no longer loved each other. Well… they weren’t in love anymore. But they still loved each other. A lot. Too much to really separate? This is how, under the circumspect gaze of those around them, they conceive of this improbable project, “the Sépartement”: two separate apartments but communicating with each other through the children’s room … Romane and Philippe have separated. From this singular adventure, they made a film: Fuzzy love. So here they are installed in this strange life, which in many ways turns out to be miraculous: the threat of separating no longer exists since it is done, the tensions between Philippe and Romane seem to have disappeared and they now speak the language. friendship. The children, on the other hand, seem to be bathed in happiness, their two parents close at hand. But the daily life of the Rebbot-Bohringer family is as crazy and vague as ever. What if the skeptics’ prophecy were to come true: “You will see, you will have a hard time rebuilding your life in these conditions …”. Is it possible to love in a Separation? This famous “Neither with you, nor without you” Would it be just a gigantic quagmire in which Romane, Philippe, but also children, dog, neighbors, spectators would get bogged down together?

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