Gal Gadot will be the Evil Queen in Disney’s new Snow White

When Wonder Woman asks the “Magic mirror on the wall, who has perfect and pure beauty?”

She is going to put down her lasso Wonder woman time to put on a princess dress … or almost. Gal gadot will commit to the upcoming Disney live-action adaptation of Snow White and at 36, she won’t be playing the sweet, young heroine, but rather the Evil Queen, which will give the actress a chance to show her darker side.

It is the revelation of West Side Story of Spielberg, Rachel Zegler, who was chosen to portray Snow White, the one to whom Gal gadot will therefore try to pass on a poisoned apple, out of pure jealousy of its beauty … The DC star will thus have the opportunity to swing the famous replica: “Magic mirror on the wall, who has perfect and pure beauty?

This is Marc Webb, best known for directing the films The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield, who should direct this umpteenth adaptation. Production is expected to start in 2022.

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