Garance Marillier will be the first French footballer, Marinette Pichon

Julia Ducournau’s favorite actress invites herself in a daring film by Virginie Verrier (2 hours from Paris).

After making his feature film 2 hours from Paris, released in 2018, Virginia Verrier announces a new project: the adaptation of the memoirs of Marinette Pichon, the first French football star. And in the role of the legendary soccer player, The French movie reports that it is the actress Garance Marillier (Serious, Titanium) who will wear the crampons. A choice that will undoubtedly add realism to this biopic: the actress has been playing football for many years.

Entitled Marinette, this feature film will follow the sportswoman’s career over three decades, from 1980 to 2006. Audacious, it will be the first non-fictional biopic on a sportswoman made in France. And the first in the world directed by a woman. A CV reminiscent of that of his heroine: Marinette Pichon, born in 1975, was spotted at the age of five for her talents against the round ball. Becoming the first French player to have a career in the United States (men and women combined) in 2002, she managed to record the most goals and selections for the France team (men and women combined). After publication of his memoirs under the title Never let go, Marinette Pichon will soon see her story told on the big screen.

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With Virginier Verrier behind the camera, this story of women’s sport will be embodied by Garance Marillier in the title role, surrounded by Emilie Dequenne, Fred Testot, Sylvie Testut, Alban Lenoir and Caroline Proust. This film will thus mark the second collaboration between Verrier and Fred Testot. The actors will be keen to tell the sporting career of Marinette Pichon, while addressing themes with strong resonance with current events and in connection with her story: intra-family violence, domestic violence, sport as a vector of emancipation, the evolution and recognition of French and world women’s football, homosexuality or disability.

Starting its shooting, which should extend over 39 days and be shared between France and Philadelphia, Marinette is supported by France 3 Cinéma and Pictanovo, and benefits from pre-purchase from Canal+ and Ciné+. With a total budget of nearly 5.5 million euros, this film will then be distributed by The Jokers.

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