Gary Coleman of Arnold and Willy Accused of Sexual Assault by SNL Actress


The actor “was tough,” says Molly Shannon.

In an episode of The Howard Stern Show, the actress Molly Shannon said she was sexually assaulted by Gary Colemanthe actor of the 1980s series Arnold and Willy died in 2010. She had met the star at the time in his hotel room.

The actress of Saturday Night Live Explain ” I remember him saying to me, very kindly, ‘sit down [sur le lit]’. And he started tickling me here and there. » She says that she tried to politely reject his advances, and that he would have become more aggressive as a result. “ Then he tried to kiss me and get on top of me and I said, ‘No, Gary. Stopped.’ So I pushed him away. Then I got off the bed. Then he bounced on the bed. He jumped, jumped, jumped. And wrapped around me. Then I rejected it. And then he got on top of me. I guess because of his size, I didn’t feel physically threatened. But… it went on and on. I repeated. I pushed him away, he got back on it. And finally, I ejected it. I was really out of breath […]. He then grabbed me by the leg and I tried to kick him. I ran to lock myself in the bathroom, but he stuck his hands under the door and repeated ‘I can see you’.» Molly Shannon then ran out of the room at full speed, and warned her agent to ” better watch Coleman “. She adds that she would have liked to be able to defend herself more.

The video of The Howard Stern Show with the actress right here:

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