Gary Oldman in Winston Churchill: his impressive transformation in video

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The Dark Hours team has also won an Oscar, as has the actor.

In early 2018, the make-up artist Kazuhiro Tsuji (Men in Black, Hellboy, Benjamin Button…) revealed that the filming of the Grinch had been a nightmare because of jim carreywho did not stay in place during her make-up sessions. Gary Oldman was visibly much calmer on the set of dark hours, which he also took care of. On the occasion of the rebroadcast of the film on Chérie 25, this evening, a look back at her incredible transformation.

The actor had to wear heavy prosthetics to be transformed into Winston Churchill on the movie of Joe Wright (Atonement, Anna Karenina). Because as Tsuji points out in the video below, Gary “didn’t look like at all” to his model. “His eyes are rather close together, whereas Winston was the opposite! At first, it seemed impossible to us to transform him. We had to do many tests before finding the right make-up.”

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We then see the team making the different fake skins that then had to be placed on Gary Oldman. The whole thing weighed a few kilos and required about 3 hours to set up. It worked: the star of the Fifth element and of The Dark Knight is absolutely unrecognizable on screen. “I had to carry half my weight!”, laughs the actor after the fact, but we realize that his transformation required a huge amount of work from the make-up artists. Shortly after the video was uploaded, the Dark Hours makeup and hair team won an Oscar. Just like the actor, who won his first statuette that year.

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