Gary Oldman talks about the possibility of retirement

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The 64-year-old British actor confided in an interview for the Slow Horses series that the time to get closer was approaching.

In an interview given to Deadline to promote his spy series Slow Horsesthe huge Gary Oldman mentioned wanting to retire. He explains: When you do something like Hannibalthat you spend 6 hours in makeup and that you walk around everywhere with prostheses and glue, you know that at 3 am you will want to scratch yourself. […] When I did The Dark Hours, I wore this makeup 63 times and worked out 54 days straight. So it’s very liberating to arrive and be ready in half an hour before starting, rather than coming and sitting for 3-4 hours in a chair for makeup before the day can start. I just turned 64 and I think my days of sitting in this chair for hours and hours may be numbered. »

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Oldman nevertheless specified that he would return to play Jackson Lamb (his character in Slow Horses) as long as the creatives – and Apple, which broadcasts and produces the series – want: “ You know, finishing my career playing Jackson Lamb would be an honor, and I would consider myself lucky to be able to do that. I will never say never “. He specifies that anything can happen, before adding: “ We often see series actors talk about a sense of family that would also be created in a film or in a play. The actors and the team Slow Horses were amazing, and going back is like being reunited with family “.

It would therefore seem that the actor is thinking of retirement, but that certain projects could persuade him to continue. During his career, Gary Oldman won a Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Actor for Dark Hours. We also remember his roles in the trilogy The Dark Knightin the saga Harry Potterin The fifth Element… If he is currently in the series Slow Horses, available AppleTV +, this is not the last role of the actor. He will appear in one of the scenes of the last film of Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer, which tells the story of the creation of the atomic bomb for the American army, which will be released in cinemas on July 19, 2023.

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