Gemini Man: Will Smith impressed by his digital rejuvenation

Gemini Man Will Smith rejuvenated
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A 23-year-old Will Smith, but with the “swag” of a 51-year-old Will Smith? This is the promise of Gemini Man, to (re) see this Sunday on France 2.

We only talk about him since the Oscarsand it will be doubly in the spotlight this weekend on France 2. The channel will broadcast on Sunday, for the first time in clear, Gemini Mana film made by Ang Lee (The Secret of Brokeback Mountain, The Odyssey of Pi…) with a dual role given to Will Smith, who embodies, thanks to new digital technologies, a hitman in his fifties, but also his clone in his twenties. In October 2019, shortly after the film was released in cinemas, the star expressed his admiration for the talented technical teams, who were able to rejuvenate him in a realistic way.

Will Smith vs. Will Smith: we could (almost) sum up the scenario of Gemini Man in this way. In Ang Lee’s action thriller, the actor plays the role of Henry Brogan, an accomplished hitman who finds himself chased by a strange individual. The latter finally turns out to be his own clone, but much younger. For the occasion, digital rejuvenation was necessary. The technique is all the rage right now in Hollywood: used by Martin Scorsese on Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in The Irishmanor even by Andy Muschietti on his young cast having grown up too quickly to That, chapter 2, the special effect has been talked about a lot lately. And Will Smith himself was amazed.

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The actor is not, however, embarrassed by his age. He made it clear with humor at the premiere of Lee’s film, in remarks relayed by variety and speaking of his two sons, Jaden and Trey who joined him on the red carpet: “These young guys can’t have the swag of an older guy like me. I am 50 years old and I live it well. They can’t help it.“As for rejuvenation, his first impression remains surprise:”The first shot I saw was when the older character faces his younger clone. Old Will confronting young Will. There’s a moment when the flashlight passes over his face… It’s one of the best digital images of the film.

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