George Clooney is so ashamed of his Batman, he refuses his wife to see him

“When you destroy a franchise like I did …”

Do not seek George clooney in the next one The Flash from the DC team. If Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will play Batman in this story touching the multiverse, the Dark Knight of 1997, he will not …

“No, they didn’t ask me to be a part of it… When you destroy a franchise like I did, (the producers) usually look the other way when a movie like The Flash comes up. .. “ the Hollywood star laughs heartily at the premiere of The Tender Bar, his first film made for Amazon, in which he directs Ben Affleck. At Variety microphone, George clooney shameless brocade sound Batman & robin, arguing sarcastically that, if he has refused to work with Ben Affleck so far, it is because he has “ruined the Batman franchise that I had built so well! “

George Clooney says seeing Batman and Robin hurts him “physically”

Even his wife laughs. And in the process, lawyer Amal Clooney releases a scathing confidence: “He totally refuses that I see him ! ” George clooney do not deny. The actor is so ashamed of the worst flop of his career, that he specifies: “There are some movies that I prefer to forget … I want my wife to have a little respect for me anyway.”

And Amal Clooney continues amused: “He’s on the banned movies list … But your kids are going to want to see him at some point you know ... “Her husband concludes in stride brilliantly:”It’s really ugly when your 4-year-old tells you, ‘But this sucks!’ There it is painful. “

So no, George clooney will not play Batman in The Flash. And obviously, never again.

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