George Clooney talks about his return to a romantic comedy with Julia Roberts

  George Clooney talks about his return to a romantic comedy with Julia Roberts

Ticket to Paradise will be the actor’s first real rom-com since One Fine Day (1996).

On the occasion of the broadcast of The Tender Bar on Amazon Prime Video, George Clooney looks back on its current projects for Deadline, especially Ticket to Paradise, which he is filming with Julia Roberts, in Australia. The shots from the film by Ol Parker (Mama Mia! Here We Go Again) had to stop for a few weeks due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, which complicated filming conditions, but they have little footage left to film, and they should be able to show it to the public next October, as planned . In the cinema, insists Clooney, before evoking his return to a romantic comedy: he considers that he has not really done one since A beautiful day (One Fine Day), in 1996, his films such as Out of reach (1998) or intolerable cruelty (2003) playing with a few clichés from the rom-com, but without really being one. And he is visibly delighted to find his partner from Ocean’s 11 and of Money Monster for this project.

“You know, this movie that I’m making right now with Julia, it’s a comedy for Universal, and those kinds of movies are fun to watch in a room full of people. This movie is really special. This guy , Ol Parker, is a great writer and director. He wrote this script especially for us, and I hadn’t done a real romantic comedy since. A beautiful day. I’ve done a couple of movies that made fun of that genre a bit, and in this one, with Julia, we have to be mean to each other in a really funny way. When I read it, I called her, and I said, ‘Did you get it? Are you going to do it?’, so she asked me the same question. I said, ‘Yes. , if you do’ It was one of the lucky strokes of my career. We’re having a blast! Julia is fantastic in this film, and there’s also an amazing actor, Lucas Bravo, who is the most funny in this story. There’s also Billie Lourd and Kaitlyn Dever. It’s a very, very fun cast. We’re having a lot of fun. We’re almost done filming, and then Ol Parker can finish it on time. We could even finish a little earlier than expected. Maybe we could show it at the Venice Film Festival or somewhere else? Not in competition, but simply because it’s an old-school film.”

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